5 DIY Hacks You Must Try To Reduce Car Scratches

You have kept your car outside overnight. The very next morning you realise a long line of scratches on the car body surface. This can lead to huge expenses as the car scratch repairs are expensive. These scratches are quite deep that causes further damage to the car body paint and other parts. Keeping the vehicle without proper covering can bring much more adverse effects in the future. Trusted and experienced car repair technicians from McCullochs Body Works offer personalised car scratch repair services to customers. If you want to keep your car free from scratches, follow these DIY tips-

  1.    Keep High-Quality Scratch Repair Kits

If you want to fix the vent by yourself, you can buy a good quality car scratch repair kit. The ordinary kits available in the market help to repair light to moderate scratches on the car surface. However, the deeper vents are difficult to cover. The scratch repair kit has the filler that helps in filling the deeper vents on the car body. Though these solutions are not for permanent solutions, you can use it in the case of emergencies. For lifelong protection, you can surely take your vehicle to the car repair workshop.

  1.    Cover with the Help of Duct Tape

If you are thinking to cover a deep scratch, then this trick may not help you. However, for smaller and medium scratches, you can cover them with the duct tapes that match with a similar colour of car body paint. Nowadays, these duct tapes are available in various colour options to make it easier for the customers to buy the tape as per your needs.

  1.    Application of Some Toothpaste

The toothpaste is useful to remove the scratches from the DVDs and CDS and the screens of laptops and other smart devices. The scratch removal quality of toothpaste is closely related to its abrasive qualities. It works as the soft kind of sandpaper. You can use the toothpaste for filling up the vent on the car body. This DIY hack will work until you can bring the car to the car repair workshop for professional car scratch repair services.

  1.    Cover the Scratch with a Colour Spray or Paint

When the vent is small, you should require a little touch up paint or spray paint. For most of the car owners, the touch up paint is the best option as the application is very easy. The touch up paint is perfect to cover the lighter and moderate vents on the car surface. Whether you apply the touch up paint or the colour spray, you should not forget to apply the finish coat over it.

  1.    Turn the Scratch to a Fantastic Artwork

If you have a light to moderate vent, do not think too much about it. You can turn the scratch to unique artwork on your car. The scratches can be covered with some stickers or trims. The decorative items can mask the dent on the car body until you bring your car to the professional service provider who will repair the car smashes and scratches.

These simple DIY hacks work great when you encounter scratches on your car body. If you have an emergency and unable to take your vehicle for professional repairs, you can apply these hacks.

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