Effective Ways to Protect Your Car Exterior Paint from Sun Damage

We always heard that harmful UV (Ultraviolet) rays cause extreme damage to living beings. But, do you know UV rays can adversely impact your car paint too. The powerful rays from the sun oxidize the car paint and give it an old look, generally, when the car is kept for long hours outside.

Now, how you can protect your vehicle from the scorching sun-rays? How you can protect the auto body paint? The most common way is to keep your vehicle indoors or under a cover or shed so that the sun rays do not reach the surface. However, it is not always possible as you have to take your car outside. Companies like McCullochs Body Works perform exceptional auto paint and repair services. As keeping the vehicle indoors is not possible all the time, you must follow some of the effective ways that will keep your exterior paint intact for a longer period, they are as follows-

  1.    Wash the Car Quite Often

Washing the car often is one of the simplest ways to protect the car paint. Washing the vehicle reduces the heat and paint oxidation. But, you must ensure to keep your car under the shed while washing. The auto paint should be exposed to direct sunlight when the car is being washed. You must remove the accumulated dust particles first from the surface. Then, give a thorough wash by an automotive cleaner. Once the stains are removed, you must remove the chemical residue from the car exteriors.

  1.    Hand Dry the Car Exterior

When you expose your vehicle to the exterior, the car paint gets worn out slowly. This is the reason you must follow some tips that will protect the car paint from damage. After thorough washing, you must hand dry the car exterior so that the chemicals present in water do not get combined with the sun-rays and chip out the paint from the car surface. Use the cotton cloth to remove the excess water from the exterior parts of the vehicle.

  1.    Polishing the Car

If you want to maintain a shining car exterior, you should use the car wax. Wash the car, hand dry and then apply the wax to preserve the shimmer of the car. Besides maintaining the paint, the wax is also useful to make your vehicle shimmer.

  1.    Use of Proper Car Covers

The car cover is one of the easiest ways to protect the car paint. You can get various covers in the market or online that will help to protect the exterior paint of the vehicle. However, you should not cover a wet car as it can accumulate mold on the surface. You can also buy waterproof covers for extreme weather conditions.

  1.    Take Special Care during Winters

Winter car protection is very important. You must regularly wash your car in the winters or else rust can damage the car paint. For further protection and repair, you can take help of experienced car repair and Restoration services.

These are some of the ways to protect your car paint. If you want to know about any car maintenance tips, you must consult with a car repair service provider near you.

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